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Pastor Lee Invites You To Leave a Legacy

This campaign and project promises to leave a legacy of music and art for generations to come.  I'm excited about the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project and I hope you are too.  Please contribute generously so this wonderful organ and sanctuary can be enjoyed by our children and their children for many years to come.

Restoration Of The First United Methodist Church Organ and Sanctuary

Restoration of a

Salt Lake City

Historical Treasure

This crowdfunding campaign is meant to augment funds already received. Please consider donating generously to help us leave a legacy that will fill and lift the generations to come with music. 


​First United Methodist Church of Salt Lake City, Utah is launching a crowdfunding campaign on December 8, 2013. Crowdfunding is a type of campaign that relies on a lot of individual contributions from friends, family, the community, organ lovers, history lovers, and anyone who wants to ensure a piece of Salt Lake’s past is preserved for future generations. Our goal is $100,000, which is a lot of small gifts, so please spread the word and ask everyone you know to contribute.

​Our vision is to welcome the community into an intimate, beautiful, flexible space for music and fellowship in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. We envision our sanctuary as a true community space where all can experience the power of music to draw us closer to each other and to God.

​As a first step, we are restoring our historic 1906 Kilgen pipe organ to its original glory. Currently, 17 of the original 33 ranks of pipes are in working condition, problems with the organ's “lungs” persist, and instead of the “stereophonic” sound of a true pipe organ, listeners often hear the “monophonic” sound of electronic components. When the restoration is complete, the organ will be home to just over 3,300 pipes, with the originals augmented by additions from an early 1900s organ originally housed in Utah's largest silent movie palace.

​After the restoration, generations to come will be able to enjoy wonderful music played on a unique historic treasure and the community space will be available for all types of small performances. We invite you to be a part of this exciting project through your generous support. No gift is too small or too large.
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